Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

An email I received from a friend in the Washington DC area advised me that a letter that I had sent to the Tony Kornheiser Radio Show was received, acknowledged, and read on the air on Friday's show.

As I listen to the show via delayed podcast,it might have been several days until I heard this, but, thanks to "Jerry from Virginia", I immediately went to the laptop, downloaded the show, and listened this morning.  Probably silly of me, but as a fan of the show, I found it a real thrill to be acknowledged in such a fashion.

If you're interested, go to iTunes, download Hour 2 of the April 5 broadcast of The Tony Kornheiser Show, and listen in.  My contribution can be found at the 16:42 mark of the segment, and again at the 30:45 mark.  (I include this info only because a Loyal Reader had requested it.)

I can't wait to get my coveted TK bumper sticker!

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  1. Bob...I'm now one degree separated from Tony K. Great stuff in your letter.