Monday, June 9, 2014

Follow-Ups: Tony Awards and Big Break Performances

HUGE Congratulations go out today to The Grandstander's Broadway Correspondent, Bill Montrose, aka Big Poppy.  Bill hit on 11 of his 12 predictions for Tony Award winners, missing only in the category of Best Actress in a Musical.  As they might say on the Great White Way.... Bravo, and what can you possibly do for an encore!


Medium Congratulations go out today to "Big Break Florida" winner Jackie Stoelting.  Her "big break" was an entry in the LPGA ManuLife Classic, which was played this weekend.  Jackie made the cut, finished with a T-71, shot even par for the tournament (23 strokes behind the winner), and cashed a check for $2,923.  Not great, but considering how many of these Big Break winners fare, that was pretty good, and here's hoping that we hear more from Jackie Stoelting in the years ahead.  Which leads us to.....

Major Condolences to the male winner of "Big Break Puerto Rico/NFL", Isaac Sanchez.  The "big break" for Isaac was entry in this past week's PGA FedEx St. Jude Classic.  Sad to say, Isaac failed to make the cut, and he did so in spectacular fashion.  He shot 86-81, a whopping 27 strokes over par, and finished dead last (although, to look on the bright side, ten golfers withdrew during the course of the tourney, so I suppose you could say Isaac finished ahead of them).   After watching Isaac in two different versions of "The Big Break", I had no expectations for him when he teed it up with the big boys, but to see such a major flameout , well, I do feel a bit bad for him.  Still, he did have his fifteen minutes of fame on the PGA Tour, which is more than any of us will ever have.

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