Friday, September 5, 2014

Steelers Prediction 2014

Since I probably watched the equivalent of about a quarter and a half of the Steelers during their practice game season, I won't pretend that I did a lot of in depth analysis of the team as they head into the 2014 season.  Therefore, my prediction is going to be based strictly on a gut feeling.  

This feeling is based upon the fact that the NFL is structured in such a way that no team stays on top forever, and that all teams will go through peaks and valleys.  The smart teams with strong organizations are able to ride out the valleys in such fashion that the periods of time in which they are in those valleys are short ones.  The Steelers, I believe, have proven themselves over time to be both a strong and a smart organization, and it is for that reason that I believe that they are ready to emerge from the two year valley that has produced consecutive 8-8, non-playoff seasons.

The money boys in Vegas has set the over/under line for Steelers wins at 8.5, so I say bet the OVER.  The Steelers are going to win 10 games this year and make the playoffs.

I will also make the following observations, for whatever they are worth.....

  • One thing we do know is that since the end of last season, the Steelers have gotten younger and they have gotten faster.  The question is, have they gotten better.  I will don the rose colored glasses of a Yinzer Fan, and say that they have.  I hope.
  • That said, the fact that they felt the need to re-sign a 36 year old Brett Kiesel is worrisome.
  • All bets are off, prediction-wise, if Ben Roethliberger gets hurt and is lost for any significant (i.e., two or more games) length of time.
Okay, let's get ready to play real games that count with a look at the Old School Steeler logo,

and a couple of old school Steelers heroes.  I don't have to identify these guys for you, do I?

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