Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The "Big Break" Is Back

Combine one of my favorite activities - golf - with something I don't care for at all - reality TV shows - and what you get is Golf Channel's "The Big Break", the one and only reality TV show that I never miss.  

The newest version of this series, "Big Break Myrtle Beach", premiered last month, and we are now four episodes into it.   This version consists of twelve participants, six men, six women, competing head to head.  As is usually the case, it takes a few weeks - and a few eliminations - to sort out who's who on this show.  However, on essential element made itself very clear by Week Two, and that was who the Villain of this season will be.  It is Anthony Quezada from Phoenix, AZ.  At 19, Anthony is the youngest ever male participant on Big Break, and it seems that the producers must have instructed Anthony to take every known precept regarding golf etiquette and sportsmanship and completely disregard them.  He makes the "miss it, Noonan" caddies at Bushwood seem like the epitome of decorum by comparison.  Honestly, I am rooting for one or more of his fellow competitors to just coldcock him on a green during one of the challenges.

All that aside, though, Anthony can play some golf.  He has already survived two elimination challenges.

Episode Five is tonight, and from the previews it appears that it will feature another Big Break staple - Speed Golf.

All this and the breathless commentary of Tom Abbot.  It's Must See TV for golf fans.

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