Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another OBX Vacation in the Books!

For what the 31st consecutive summer, we vacationed on North Carolina's Outer Banks, specifically, Corolla in Currituck County.  What can I say?  The fact that we return again and again tells you that we find this to be a magical and special place, and the 2015 trip was no exception.

I won't bore you all with a lot of stories, but here a few thoughts, impressions, and photos from OBX 2015.

Traffic arriving on any given Saturday is never easy or fun, but for whatever reason, we encountered Traffic Armageddon this year.  I will never be able to convey the true horror of the gridlock we experienced, but suffice to say, it took us over five hours to travel the final 14 miles into Corolla on Saturday.  Never experienced anything like it, nothing even close to it.  It was not one of our finest hours over the years, that's for sure.  However, everything was great once we finally got there!

This is what flew over the beaches on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday:

You never want to see the beach red-flagged, but if you saw the nature of the rip tides those days, you didn't want to go in much over your knees anyway.  All was well for the remainder of the week, though.  Calm and temperate waters, nice waves.  No sharks.  None that we saw, anyway.

As you may know, on our night to make dinner, Marilyn and I always make it a theme night.  This year it was "Beach Party".

Saw some interesting cloud formations one afternoon:

Enjoyed some pool time after coming up from the beach each day:

And continue to be amazed as the "third generation" continues to grow up:

When we first started making these trips, these kids' parents were younger than they are now, and, come to think of it, they actually represent the FOURTH generation of the Moellenbrock family who have made these annual treks.

And in keeping with another tradition, Nathan, Marilyn and I walked up to the beach on our last night to say good-bye for another year.

See you next year, Outer Banks, but, really, we have to figure out something to mitigate that incoming traffic next time around.

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