Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Yep, it's time to kick off a new National Football League season as the Steelers travel to Foxboro tonight to kick off the 2015 season.  For the occasion, I salute our favorite team with both its current and its "old school" style logos.

I watched maybe one quarter of action of the five Steelers practice games, so I can't offer that informed an opinion, but I know that the apprehension that covered the 2014 season continues into this new season, namely, the Steelers Defense, or lack of it.  The guy who may be their best defensive player, James Harrison, will soon be able to collect Social Security, and high draft picks like Jarvis Jones and Ryan Shazier have spent the last two seasons not being able to get on the field and contribute.  That has to change, and, alas, the practice games have given no indication that it is about to change any time soon.

However, the Steelers still have this guy in charge,

and they still have this guy at quarterback,

so I say that we need not give up on this season before it begins.

Le'Veon Bell will be back after two games, Antonio Brown is one of the best wide outs in the game, and the line is solid (and, yes, I know that Maurkice Pouncy is hurt), so the Steelers will score a lot of points this year.  Unfortunately, they will have to because the defense is going to give up a lot of them.  I foresee lots of games with scores like 43-37 this year, and Steelers fans can only hope that they will be on the right side of most of them.

I also, and this is the fan in me asking, am hoping that what you saw in the practice games was just that - practice, and that we will be seeing something different once the games start to count.  As I say, that's the Fan in me talking.

I will also say this....if Number 7 goes down for any significant length of time, kiss a winning season and the playoffs good-bye.

So, you want a prediction, here's one:  10-6 and in the Playoffs.

If you want prediction for tonight, New England wins BIG as they begin a season long crusade to extend a huge middle finger to the NFL and the World.

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  1. Once again I agree with your well thought out prediction on the 2016 campaign. The once feared "Steel Curtain" defense is gone, so is Blitzburgh. Tomlin aptly named the new guys "The Walking Dead" so what does that tell you...I have a casual interest in them, I may come around in December if they are in the coveted playoff hunt. Thanks for your insight and savvy.