Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Family Reunion

One of the neat parts of our recent vacation to Boca Raton was the opportunity to meet my second cousin, Marla Madden.  Regular readers may recall the story of the phone call that I received last year from Marla informing me of her genealogical research into the family tree of one Thomas Madden (our great-grandfather) and introducing me to a whole flock of cousins that I never knew that I had.

Anyway, when Marilyn and I made plans for our trip, I had forgotten that Marla lived in Boca Raton, and when I remembered that fact a few weeks back, I contacted her, and we made the arrangements to get together, and it sure was nice to meet up with the person who has been responsible for so many Madden Family cousins getting to know each other.

Marilyn and I met Marla at her home, and we then had a delightful lunch together in downtown Boca Raton.  Unfortunately, we didn't  get to meet Marla's daughter, Tina, who was still in school that day.  That meeting will have to come another day.

Just for the record of those of you keeping score out there, Marla's grandfather, Leo Madden, and my grandfather, Bill Madden, were brothers, the sons of Thomas Madden.

Thank you once again, Marla, for pulling all of us together.


  1. So glad you cousins got to meet! Marla is Wonder-Woman!

  2. So glad you cousins got to meet! Marla is Wonder-Woman!