Friday, April 8, 2016


If you were watching any of the Opening Round of The Masters on television yesterday, you no doubt saw the scene of the traditional ceremonial "Opening Tee Shots" taken by Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus.  Also participating, but not taking a shot, was 86 year old Arnold Palmer. It has been known for several weeks now that Palmer, due to some "health issues", would not be taking that tee shot this year, but even knowing that it was still a shock to see Palmer yesterday.  If any athlete ever seemed invincible while practicing his sport, it was Arnold Palmer, which made yesterday's ceremony all the more jarring.  

Check out the column in today's Post-Gazette by Gerry Dulac...

....and it seems obvious, to me, anyway, from the comments of his lifelong rivals and pals, Player and Nicklaus, that they feel much the same as all of the legions of Arnie's Army must feel.

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