Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How's This for An Ego?

Massive egos are much in the news these days, so let's add this story out of Charlotte, NC to the "Big Ego File".

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson recently had a statue of himself erected outside of the Panthers Stadium, and since Richardson is still alive, one can only assume that the was done with his blessing and support, and who knows, maybe he even designed it himself.  For certain, he had to have approved the final design.  

Here it is:

That is not just any kind of a statue, is it?  This looks like something that would have been erected in Caesar's Rome, Stalin's USSR, or Mao's China.

Honest to God, would you want to know or be friends with the kind of a person that would agree to something like this?  I mean....

Harry Truman once said something to the effect of "never name a public building after a person or build a monument to a person until they've been dead for thirty years".  This is a lesson that has been painfully learned here in Pennsylvania where controversy over a statue is tearing a community apart.  

In contrast, the somewhat humble statue of Art Rooney that sits outside of Heinz Field was built and dedicated in 1990, after Rooney had died.  One cannot imagine The Chief ever agreeing to having such a thing installed, and, if my memory serves, the Rooney family was reluctant to even have this done.

After this Richardson statue, one shudders to think of what may be running through the minds of people like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder.

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  1. Bob: In regards to your final sentence, both Jones and Snyder, do not have any minds, they are both assholes, who think through that orifice. Stay Well