Monday, March 20, 2017

"Beauty And The Beast"

Judging by the record box office jackpot of this weekend, half the country, if not the world, saw Disney's new production of "Beauty And The Beast" this weekend.  We waited until this morning to see it, and if you have NOT seen it as yet, don't deprive yourself of the pleasure by waiting much longer.  This was a terrific movie.  A wonderfully told story, beautifully filmed, great to look at, good music and songs, and a great performance by the lovely and wonderful Emma Watson as Belle, the spunky peasant girl who becomes a princess when she captures the heart of the Beast.

I will not expend a lot off words here about this movie other than to say what I said above - A TERRIFIC Movie! Oh, and I will also tell you that I teared up when Belle and the Beast danced to the title song.  How could anyone not?

Added bonus - at least it was for Mrs. Grandstander and me - was seeing Kevin Kline in the role of Belle's father.  We both really like Kevin Kline.  And for Downton Abbey fans, there was of course Dan "Matthew Crawley" Stevens in the role of the Beast.  I guess he likes parts that have him living in castles!

Four Stars all the way from The Grandstander.

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