Monday, April 10, 2017


I have seen the trailer for the movie "Going In Style" many times over the past few months, and realized that it starred three old pro actors, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, and Morgan Freeman, but it wasn't until I read the review on Friday that I knew that another old pro, Ann-Margret also co-starred in this new comedy caper flick.  I have long been a fan of Ann-Margret's, and, of course, I made the requisite piggish comments about how she is still "gettin' it done" at the age of 75, as the picture just to the left will verify.

Anyway, it prompted me to visit the Google Machine to do a bit of research on Miss Olsson, and, yes, this "research" did start out as looking for sexy pictures of her, but it did lead to more interesting information.  For example....
  • Next month, she and her husband, actor Roger Smith, will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  It is Ann-Margret's only marriage.  How about that?
  • She has won five Golden Globe Awards.
  • She has won an Emmy Award.
  • She has been nominated for a Grammy.
  • She has twice been nominated for a Motion Picture Academy Award.
  • I can also say that I once saw her perform live and in person in Pittsburgh when she played the lead in touring production of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".
She will turn 76 later this month, and while her stunning beauty today may be largely attributable to Beverly Hills' finest plastic surgeons, I say, So what?  She looks fabulous after a show biz career now in it's sixth decade and, apparently, still going strong.

All in all, when it comes to Ann-Margret, what's not to like?

As "Annie" in "Going In Style"

With Elvis in "Viva Las Vegas"

Who can forget Ann-Margrock 
in "The Flintstones"?

In her younger days.


  1. I share your adoration of Ann Margaret...not only for her stunning beauty but she really was a trooper for the Bob Hope USO tours in Vietnam. I have read where she tirelessly visited the wounded in the hospitals when no cameras were around to promote her activities. Several fellas I spoke with said how kind and compassionate she was to them when they really needed a smiling face around to cheer them up. My fave film is Viva Las Vegas where she had a chemistry with Elvis, a lucky guy! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. I interviewed Ann a few months back. She is so charming and sweet in person. She has a great sense of humor and still sounds so sexy. I got a chance to tell her that I still drill watching the intro and closing titles of Bye Bye Birdie. She enjoyed that.

  3. I have read where she tirelessly visited the wounded in the hospitals when no cameras were around to promote her activities.

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