Friday, May 26, 2017

Pens Win! And Other Quickies....

They say that there is nothing in sports like a Game Seven.  How about a Game Seven that goes into overtime?  How about a Game Seven that goes into double overtime?  That is what the Penguins and Ottawa Senators treated us to last night.  Did I say "treated"?  That game was more like emotional torture than a treat.  Excitement and tension were off the charts throughout the series, and especially in last night's finale. I can't recall being more exhausted and wrung out from watching a sporting event.  

So now it is on to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Nashville Predators starting Monday Night.  Bring it on and LET'S GO PENS!!!!

PREDICTION: Penguins in five games. #letsgoPens


The NFL patted itself on the back and announced this week that, in the interest of player safety, they would be reducing sudden death overtime periods from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.  What a crock of b.s. that is!  If the NFL Poobahs were really interested in player safety, they would shit-can the idea of overtime entirely.  Of course, this would mean that more games would end in a tie, but so what?  As the late great Myron Cope once said, while ties can be frustrating, often times a tie is a just result in a given football game, and I agree.  It'll never happen though. 

Do you believe that the NFL also plays OT when an exhibition game ends in a tie?  That is really ludicrous and flies in the face of any claim of concern that the NFL has for player safety.


The National Basketball Association played an 82 game regular season, conducted fourteen perfunctory rounds of playoffs, and has produced for the third year in a row an NBA Finals match-up of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.  Surprise!!  The two teams bring a combined Playoffs record of 24-1 into the Finals.  It is the series that everyone predicted and has wanted to see since the season began, and it is hoped that it will produce a series of games that, unlike those fourteen playoffs rounds that have proceeded it, some exciting, dramatic, and memorable basketball.

PREDICTION: LeBron James will be the best player on the court throughout the series, but the addition of Kevin Durant to the Warriors will make the difference.  Warriors in seven games.

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