Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"The Big Sneeze"

When I started The Grandstander I never envisioned that I would be writing about children's books, but here I am, for the second time this month, telling you about another delightful little children's book.  This one is "The Big Sneeze" by Linda Lamneck Medwig, with illustrations by her mother, Caroline Vlahakis Wissinger.  It is a delightful little story about friendship, how sometimes obstacles can get in the way of friendship, but that such obstacles can often be easily overcome.

What is our connection to this book?  Well, when the author was known as Linda Wissinger, she was a North Allegheny High School classmate of my wife's.  "The Big Sneeze" began as a college project for Linda, and her mother, Caroline, provided the illustrations.  How and why it took lo these many years for this book to be published is explained by Linda in her preface to the story.

It is a cute little story for kids, and part of the proceeds from sales of the book will go to benefit the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, so buying "The Big Sneeze" is truly a win-win situation.  "The Big Sneeze" is currently available on, and Linda will soon have a website up and running, and I will post details on that when it happens.

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