Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Razor Girl" by Carl Hiaasen

I didn't realize that it had been three (!!) years since Carl Hiaasen had released a new novel, but, as usual, it was worth the wait.  "Razor Girl" features Andrew Yancy, the Key West police detective who had been busted down to restaurant inspector, from Hiaasen's 2013 novel, "Bad Monkey".

"Razor Girl" opens with a routine fender bender on a Key West highway when Merry (like in Christmas) Mansfield (like the movie star) accidentally rear-ends a car driven by Hollywood talent agent Lane Coolman.

Was it really an accident? Can anything  be "routine" in a Carl Hiaasen novel?  What is a hot shot Hollywood agent doing in Key West?  Will Yancy ever be able to quit checking Key West eateries for health code violations and get his badge back? And just why is Merry using a razor while driving?

Throw in the star of a redneck reality cable TV show, a New York mafia capo, a sleazy product liability lawyer and his morally ambiguous fiancé, a scam artist who sells beach sand, a cheap Key West low-life named "Blister", and a couple of horrifying creatures called Gambian pouch rats, and you have the makings of another hilarious Hiaasen adventure.

As with all Carl Hiaasen novels, I highly recommend it.

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