Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joe Greene

Joe Greene announced yesterday that he was retiring from his front office/scouting/personnel position with the Steelers that he has held for the past nine years.  Greene also served as an assistant coach under Chuck Noll for five seasons, but, of course, Greene was a defensive tackle for the Steelers for 13 seasons, from 1969 through 1981.  A four time super Bowl champion and a ten time All-Pro, Greene was, simply put, and this deserves the capital letters and bolding, The Greatest Steeler of Them All.

No arguments on that point, please.

Much like historical time is distinguished as "BC" and "AD", Steelers history can be defined as  BJG (Before Joe Greene) and AJG (After Joe Greene).  BJG, the Steelers were league doormats for almost forty years.  That all changed when Chuck Noll was named head coach after the 1968 season.  Noll's first act as Head Coach?  Drafting Joe Greene with the Steelers  #1 pick (#4 overall).  Everything, and I mean everything, was different for the Steelers after that point.

I hope that Mean Joe has a long, happy, and healthy retirement.  The Steelers have not, and never will, see his like again.

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