Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Penguins Bandwagon Has Arrived

As my friends and regular readers, who may or may not be my friends, know, I am not a "hockey guy", and there are a number of reasons for that for which I will not bore you.  However, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun, following a shortened regular season in which the Pittsburgh Penguins gave a pretty fair impersonation of the 1927 Yankees, so I am jumping on the Penguins Playoffs Bandwagon, and here I shall stay until Lord Stanley's oversized beer mug is waltzed around the Consol Energy Center ice.

What follows is The Grandstander's Official Stanley Cup Preview:


You really don't need me to give any details as to how they are going to do this do you?

I will say this, though.  They had better not get into the habit of blowing 3-1 leads against an inferior team.  That'll kill you. 

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