Friday, July 12, 2013

Steelers News (Non-Football Related)

Did you see the news item in the paper today that the Steelers, in the person of Heinz Field Operations chief Jimmy Sacco, have gotten into a pi$$ing contest with Pittsburgh parking impresario Merrill Stabile over comments that Stabile made about the mess (to be kind) that the attendees of the recent Kenny Chesney Concert made in the parking lots at Heinz Field last month.  

It was well documented that those fans did, indeed, make a mess of those parking lots (between 50,000 and 60,000 pounds of trash, including human excrement, and, yes, you read that correctly), but that didn't stop Sacco from firing off a letter to the Stadium Authority stating that Stabile "chose to publicly slander the fans at Heinz Field" (Legal quesion:  Is it "slander" if the people actually did leave 30,000 tons of trash in their wake?).  Sacco's letter also said that "Mr. Stabile's main complaint was that the Chesney fans left behind too much garbage..."  Apparently, Sacco and, by extension, the Steelers, don't think that 50,000 pounds is "too much."  I wonder how many tons of trash, empty beer cans, and human feces would be "too much" in their viewpoint?

All of his stems from the pre-existing pi$$ing contest among the Steelers, Stabile, and the Stadium Authority over who should pay for the construction of additional seats at Heinz Field (anybody BUT them, according to the Steelers and King Art II), and, of course, the Rooneys will come off lily-white in this latest contretemps, because they are, well, the Steelers, right?

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