Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outer Banks Vacation Thoughts

You may have noticed the absence of Grandstander posts in recent days, and this was due to the fact that we took our annual vacation to Corolla, NC and the wonderful beaches of Currituck County on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

What can I say?  It was another outstanding week.  Good weather - we made it to the beach every single day.  Very hot on most days, and the ocean was very swimmable on all days but one, when high winds made it pretty choppy to venture into.  In fact, the only glitch we encountered was our trip in on Saturday from Williamsburg, VA to Corolla.  Normally, this is about a two and one-half hour ride, but for some ungodly reason, it took us SIX HOURS to make the trip this time around.  Maddening, but by that first Sunday afternoon at the beach, or maybe it was after that first beer at lunch when finally did get to Corolla, all was forgotten, and we settled in for another great week at the OBX. 

I read a great book down there, "Bad Monkey", the latest from Carl Hiaasen.  You just cannot go wrong reading a Hiaasen novel!  Also started to read a book by Max Allen Collins called "Bye, Bye Baby".  More on that one when i finish it.

This was the vacation of connectivity.  When you added it all up, there were five iPads and two laptops in the house that had a WiFi connection.  Not sure how I feel about this, but we were able to keep up with email, Facebook, and, thanks to the terrific MLB at Bat app, the Pirates!  A good thing about all these gadgets is that the television was hardly on at all the entire time we were there.

And speaking of Facebook, I left the mark of perhaps THE best group page on all of Facebook:

And if you are wondering what the "theme" was the night that Marilyn and I hosted dinner, wonder no more....

Yes, we saluted Hollywood and the movies, with a red carpet and everything.  As you can see, Marilyn arrived by limousine:

And while we (or at least me) always think of bikini-clad babes when we think "beach", I thought I'd do a little something for the ladies out there, by presenting a little beefcake for your pleasure:

Yep, we really love the Outer Banks. There is just nothing like a beach vacation.

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