Saturday, August 3, 2013

To Absent Friends: Terry Lee

Saddened to hear of the death at age 70 of former Pittsburgh superstar disc jockey Terry Lee.  If you are of a certain age (mine) you remember listening to McKeesport radio station WIXZ to the distinctive "TL Sound", and you especially remember being with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) while listening to TL's "Music for Young Lovers".  Actually, if you were like me, you remember listening to TL's "Music for Young Lovers" and wishing that you actually had a girlfriend!

Reading Lee's obituary the other day, coupled watching the Buddy Holly musical at the CLO on Thursday night, made me remember the time when the deejays themselves were the stars who played such key roles in the shaping of musical tastes and making stars of the performers whose records they played.  In Pittsburgh, those deejays were people like Lee, Porky Chedwick, Clark Race, and Chuck Brinkman.  With the way radio and the music industry have evolved over the years, do deejays like that even exist anymore?

RIP Terry Lee.

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