Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pirate Chat Night at PNC Park

Readers may recall me mentioning that I belong to a Chat Group on Facebook called Pirate Chat.  Started by friend Jim Haller in the Spring of 2012 with modest expectations, Pirate Chat has grown to over 300 members and many consider it one of the best forums to discuss our favorite team - pros and cons - for twelve months of the year.  Last night, Pirate Chat took another step in its growth and twenty members ventured out from behind the computer screens and mobile devices to PNC Park for what we hope was the First Annual Pirate Chat Night.  Len Martin contributed to the fun of the event by coming up with the idea for t-shirts to celebrate the event as well.  

It was a fun night, and one of the neatest comments came from Pat Connell who said that given the convivial nature of the group, last night would have even been a perfect night for a rain delay!

Here are some scenes of our night out, including the pre-game gathering at Dominic's.....

Okay, to those Pirate Chat members reading this, a few questions.  Call it preliminary market research for Pirate Chat Night 2014.
  1. Do we want to do this again in 2014?
  2. Should we do this earlier in the season next year, say, prior to the All-Star Break, or should we stick to a mid to late August date?
  3. Would you prefer a week end game, or do we keep it on a week night, or does it not matter?  Keep in mind that it is much more difficult to arrange to secure a block of group tickets for Friday and Saturday dates, and I suspect that it may be even more difficult to do so next season.
  4. If you were unable to attend this season for whatever reason, would you plan on attending such a group night event in 2014? (Understand that this is not a firm commitment. The ability to attend such a game on any given night is, of course, subject to any number of variables in our own personal schedules.)
We sold 21 tickets for this event last night.  Wouldn't it be great to at least double that number for next season?

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  1. Thanks for organizing the event and blogging about it.