Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Talk Show Etiquette

While out driving this morning, I had 93.7 The Fan tuned in and was listening to Ron Cook. Vinnie Rechichi  is vacationing this week, so Ron was flying solo, which put him in a good mood - for him.  So  a guy calls up and makes the suggestion that perhaps Clint Hurdle should consider platooning Pedro Alvarez and play Josh Harrison against left handed pitchers.  Ridiculous, I know, but that's not the point today.  The point is how Cook responded to the call.

Now, Cook might have said, "You know, Caller, perhaps there might be some situations where it might not be a bad idea to give Pedro a rest, but Hurdle really can't consider platooning the NL home run leader on a full time basis."

Yeah, that's something he could have said.   

What he did say, however, was "That is the most asinine, stupid, and ridiculous suggestion I have ever heard.  Next call, please."

It reminded me of something I once heard Myron Cope say when he was asked about how he conducted his talk show (and, really, has there ever been an equal to Myron in his heyday when hosting sports talk shows are concerned?).  His philosophy was, he said, that "if you treat your callers like idiots, then pretty soon only idiots will call you."


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