Sunday, September 8, 2013

Super Bowl Halftime - The Pendulum Swings

In recent years, the NFL took a beating for bringing in geezer rockers - the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, The Who, Madonna - for the half time extravaganza at the Super Bowl.  While I didn't mind seeing the Stones, and I loved Bruce Springsteen at the Steelers game against the Cardinals, I had to admit that The Who and Madonna were pretty bad, and that the NFL need to unstuff their shirts and skew a bit younger in this area.  They took that step last year with Beyonce, and this year the pendulum has swung completely the opposite way with the selection of Bruno Mars as the halftime performer.

I say this because I, a soon to be 62 year old geezer himself, have absolutely no idea as to who Bruno Mars is and what type of performer he is.  Please understand that I am not passing judgement on Mr. Mars.  He may be the best entertainer since Sammy Davis, Jr. for all I know, and I hope it is a dynamite show in the Meadowlands come Super Bowl Sunday. One thing for sure, there will more 18-35 year olds tuned into the half time show and fewer geezers, and that is what Pepsi, who is sponsoring the Halftime Show, wants.

As for me, I would rather see either the Grambling University Marching Band or a dog and a frisbee.

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