Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Jim Brosnan Follow-up

A few days ago, I wrote in this blog of the death of baseball player turned author Jim Brosnan.

As a result, I received an email from a friend of mine, Nick Frankart, a former Pittsburgher who lives in Long Beach, California.  Nick recounted a story about writing a letter to Brosnan in 2007 wherein he asked Brosnan to relate any special "remembrances about the Bucs, either baseball related or otherwise".

Nick scanned a copy of the hand written note he received from Brosnan.  The handwriting is difficult to read, so I will just transcribe it here:

"Dear Nick,

"Thanks for your letter of August 7.  Sorry to be tardy in reply.  Hope you enjoy the books.

"As to memories of Forbes field, I treasure the time DICK STUART hit a home run over the left field scoreboard that cleared the tall trees behind it and landed in Schenley Park beyond it.  

"Two pilots landing a plane claim to have seen the ball pass by the cockpit window. Later that night at Danny's Restaurant downtown, they told the bartender the story.  Danny bought a round all around."

Thanks to Nick for sharing this with me, and I know that he will have no problem with me sharing it with you.  

The letter brought to mind memories of my Dad, who would often visit Danny's (now long gone from the Pittsburgh scene, but which I believe was on Grant Street near the old Carlton House Hotel, where visiting baseball teams often stayed while visiting Pittsburgh) on his lunch hour.  He would tell us stories over the diner table about what visiting National League ballplayers he had seen that day at lunch.

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