Monday, December 22, 2014

Big Break Myrtle Beach Finale

SPOILER ALERT:  This post will talk about the winner of the Big Break Myrtle Beach.  If you  are waiting to watch this on your DVR stockpile, you may want to skip this and come back later.

The twenty-second edition of Golf Channel's signature program, The Big Break, concluded last week in a match between 31 year old Jimmy Brandt and 28 year old Toph Peterson.  It was the conclusion to an interesting season that began with six men ands six women squaring off to achieve their Big Break.  The most interesting part of the season was that one contestant, 19 year old Anthony Quezada, might have been the most loathsome person to ever appear on the Big Break.  All shows such as this need a "villain", and Anthony fulfilled this role by violating every tenant of sportsmanship on which the game of golf prides itself.  He made it to the Final Four, and fell to to the eventual champion.

In that championship match, Brand defeated Peterson on the seventeenth hole, 3 and 1. It was a ragged match that at times it was a match that neither guy seemed to want to win.  Winner Jimmy defied golf's oldest cliche that you "putt for dough" by butchering almost every opportunity he had with the flat stick.  Still, he prevailed, and in addition to his cash and prizes, his Big Break will come in the form of an entry into the PGA Tour's Valspar Open which will be contested March 12-15 this coming season.

I will be tracking and reporting on Jimmy's performance in that event, but I will predict now that, based on how he performed on BBMB, he not only will not make the cut, he will be in the bottom five of those "missed cut" players.  For his sake, I hope I'm wrong because he seems like a nice kid, but professional tournament golf is the ultimate meritocracy, and I fear that a cruel fate awaits the young man.

All that aside, he is a Big Break Champion, and no one can take that away from him, so big CONGRATULATIONS to him.

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