Monday, December 1, 2014

Saints 35 - Steelers 32...Some Thoughts

Some thoughts on yet another Steelers loss to a team with a losing record....

  • If you watched the game, you know how misleading that three point deficit in the final score really is.
  • I was sure glad to see Ike Taylor return to the line-up.  Made you realize how little you missed him in his absence.
  • Yep, the QB had a bad game yesterday.  When that happens, others, particularly your defense, should step up to compensate. They didn't.
  • There sure is a huge drop off at the WR position after Antonio Brown.  Martavis Bryant has shown flashes that he can become an elite receiver, but yesterday showed that he ain't there yet.
  • This season is going to come to a close and the Steelers are going to find themselves STILL in the position of having to replace veterans Keisel, Polamalu, Harrison, and Taylor.  This will be at least the third season in a row that those needs have to be addressed.  Will it finally happen?
  • The best thing the Steelers have going for them is the fact that they play the division leading Bengals twice.  Simply put, they HAVE to win both those games.  If they don't, it probably won't matter what they do in the games against the Falcons and Chiefs.

This season the Steelers are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of their first Super Bowl Championship team, and good for them.  Yesterday, they had a reunion of surviving members of that team. There were two notable absences, QB Terry Bradshaw and LB Jack Lambert, both Hall of Famers.  Despite the fact that he has a job with Fox Sports that requires him to work on Sundays, Bradshaw will no doubt be criticized severely by Steelers faithful for not being there.  Lambert will get a compete and total pass from those same people.

Make of that what you will.

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