Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oscar Thoughts

Regular readers may have noticed that I have been silent on this year's Academy Awards, and, in fact, I am much more detached from the ceremonies this year than in past years.  There are couple of reasons for that.  

First, the announcement of the nominations came out when we were on our vacation in Hawaii last month, so I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention.

Secondly, and more to the point, I have seen very few of the nominated movies and performances this year.  I have seen only two of the Best Picture nominees, "Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The Imitation Game", only three of the ten acting nominees, Benedict Cumberbatch,  Rosamund Pike, and Kiera Knightly, and only one of the movies with a Best Director nomination, "Grand Budapest Hotel" for Wes Anderson.  Based upon what I have read, none of these nominees will take home an Oscar tomorrow.

So, going on the theory that an uninformed opinion is worse than no opinion at all, I am going to forgo my traditional Oscar Predictions this year.  Be still your hearts.

I will be watching the show tomorrow, and I will be pulling for Michael Keaton ("Pittsburgh's and Montour High School's own!") to win the Best Actor Award, and I will no doubt have some thoughts on the whole proceedings come Monday.

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