Monday, February 2, 2015

Patriots 28 - Seahawks 24, and Other Super Bowl Thoughts

Okay, okay, I know that no one is supposed to like the New England Patriots, but you've got to hand it to them, and you most especially have to hand it to Tom Brady.  They are good, Brady is perhaps the Best Ever, and that 28-24 win over Seattle last night was one whale of a football game.

When Brady threw that second interception, which led to a Seattle TD and a 24-14 lead at the end of three quarters, that game was this close to being over.  I said at the time that the Patriots simply HAVE to respond right now, or this one could be over.  Did they ever.  Brady responds with a TD drive, the New England defense responds by forcing a three-and-out, and Brady responds AGAIN with another TD drive. Excellent play by the Patriots and positively brilliant play by Brady.

Of course, all of it could have been rendered moot because of a fluky tip ball catch by the Seahawks.  

Which leads up to that positively stupefying play call by Seattle on the goal line which led to the interception that sealed the deal for New England.  You don't give the ball to Marshawn Lynch when you are on the one yard line and a TD wins you the Super Bowl?  The term "dumbshit" doesn't even begin to describe the stupidity of that play call.  That one is going to haunt Pete Carroll forever, or at least until he coaches another Super Bowl win (and maybe not even then).

And how fitting that this 2014 NFL season ends in a Pier Six brawl.  What great imagery.  Stay classy, Seattle.


Of course we all know that the actual game is merely a footnote to the Super Bowl, so here are my random thoughts on everything else.....

  • It took Idena Manzell 2:07 to sing the National Anthem.  Too long.  That song should be sung in ninety seconds, tops.
  • We liked Katy Perry and her halftime show.  Very energetic, very talented. Now, like Bruno Mars last year, Miss Perry doesn't appeal to our particular demographic, but there is no denying the talent.  For the second year in a row, the NFL has abandoned Geezer Rock and hit it out of the park.

The there are the commercials.  Here are the ones we found worth noting.
  • BMW with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric
  • Carnival Cruise using JFK's voice to hawk their cruises.  I found that to be inappropriate.  Wonder what the Kennedy Family thought. At what point does a President, even a deceased one, become public domain?
  • What happens when you pour Coke into a computer
  • The Dove soap "Daddy" commercial
  • The Doritos ad with the guy on the airplane
  • Nissan "Cat's in the Cradle"
  • Fiat "Viagra" commercial
  • Kia commercial with Pierce Brosnan
  • Wix website with old football players "Farve and Carve", "Immaculate Receptions"...brilliant
  • Victoria's Secret "let the real games begin"
  • Then, of course, Sketcher's shoes using Pete Rose.  Is there nothing that guy won't do for a buck?  Note to self: never, ever buy a pair of Sketchers.  Never.
There are now sixteen days reaming until Pirates pitchers and catchers report to Bradenton.

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