Friday, April 10, 2015

"Abe & Fido" by Matthew Algeo

One of my favorite authors is Matthew Algeo, and while not all of his books are about little known facets of the history of American Presidents, his best books cover that subject.  Previous books about Grover Cleveland ("The President Is A Very Sick Man") and Harry Truman ("Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure") have been top-notch, and with "Abe & Fido", Algeo adds to his list of Presidential Historical extra-base hits.

Has any President, has any person, for that matter, been written about more that Abraham Lincoln?  What more could possibly be told about the life of our 16th President?

Well, did you know that he had a pet dog named Fido?  Did you know that he had a life long love of animals, and that he may well have been a pioneer in the field that we know today as Animal Rights? I didn't either, but Matthew Algeo has done the research and has written this most enjoyable little book that not only gives you Fido's story, but gives you additional insight into Lincoln's character, insight that probably should not be too surprising given what we already know about Abe.  You will also learn a lot about the idea of pets throughout the course of history, particularly during the mid-nineteenth century.

If you love Abe Lincoln - and who doesn't? - if you like dogs - and who doesn't? - and if you have ever owned a pet, you really should read this book.  You will really enjoy it.

Matthew Algeo sums it up best when he states in the book that "much about Abraham Lincoln's life is shrouded in myth, mystery, and controversy - even his pet dog.  I merely want to tell the story of an ordinary dog and his extraordinary master, living through turbulent times.  Abraham Lincoln once loved a yellow mutt named Fido very much, and that mutt returned his master's affection in kind."

Very enjoyable book.

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