Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Josh Strikes It Rich!

Last year at this time, there were many, many Pirates fans (and if you believe some media reports, some Bucco front office folks) who didn't think that Josh Harrison belonged on the Pirates twenty-five man roster.  At best, he was the 25th guy on the roster, so who really cared?

We all know what happened last year, and today the team announced that Harrison has agreed to a four year contract extension that guarantees him $28 million and could be  worth as much as $50 million dollars over the life of the deal.  To that, I say, good for Josh Harrison.  I hope that he earns every cent of it.

If you want to really read between the lines here, I am thinking that this spells the end of the Neil Walker Era here.  Not now, but whenever the team's control over Walker comes to an end.  Doesn't look like a long term deal is in the cards for the Pittsburgh Kid.

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