Friday, May 22, 2015

Movie Review: "Tomorrowland"

We kicked off the Unofficial Start of Summer today by contributing to what will undoubtedly be the big box office winner of this Memorial Day Weekend by seeing the new Disney movie, "Tomorrowland".  From what I have read, much of what this movie was all about was kept pretty much under wraps by the Disney Studios.  About all that anyone knew was that it was a science fiction feature of some sort and it starred George Clooney.  That and a positive review by the Post-Gazette's Barb Vancheri was enough to get us out to the movie theater.  

Normally, the sci-fi genre is not our particular cup of tea, but we made an exception here, and we are glad we did.  We may not have done so had it been anyone other than Clooney starring.  He was very good in it, as were his young female co-stars, Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy.  It was directed by and co-written by Brad Bird, who has two Oscars to his credit for a couple of Pixar animated movies ("The Incredibles" and Ratatouille").  I won't try to summarize the story, but I will tell you that it is quite entertaining, beautifully photographed, it does carries a Message, and it leaves you with a very positive conclusion.

Early in the movie, one young character asks the question "Why can't it just be for fun?"  "Tomorrowland" does, as I said, carry a message, but it is also a fun experience.  Good movie.

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