Monday, May 25, 2015

To Absent Friends - Kathy Kerestes

Kathy Kerestes

If you were a fan of the old O'Brien and Garry Radio show on WTAE Radio and 96.1 FM radio back in the day, you had to be saddened to hear the news yesterday of the death of news reporter Kathy Kerestes at the age of 61.

Fans of the show - and can you believe that it has been eighteen years since that show left the air? - will remember Miss Kerestes as the news reader and foil of hosts Larry O'Brien and John Garry.  It made for lively and entertaining radio while getting dressed in the morning and driving into work.  The obituary revealed how Miss Kerestes left WTAE after many years and became a spokesperson at Carlow University.  Several years ago, after being stricken with multiple sclerosis, she left Carlow and, along with her sister, started her own media relations company.

It was a good life for the famed "Newsette", and one that ended way too soon.

RIP Kathy Kerestes.

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