Friday, October 9, 2015

A Very Special Absent Friend

I am in the habit of posting these "Absent Friends" write-ups whenever someone well known, or famous, or even semi-famous, passes away.  However, this week, we lost a good friend and wonderful person.  Because this lady was not a public figure in the accepted sense of the term, I wasn't sure whether or not to mention it in this blog, but then decided that I would, but not mention her name.  I am not sure that it is my place to do so.

The friend that we lost was a fellow volunteer with Marilyn and I at the Highmark Caring Place.  We have known her and worked with her for six years, and she was truly a wonderful and special person.  The kids and families  she worked with at the Caring Place loved her, and all of her fellow volunteers REALLY loved her.

In July, we leaned that she had developed cancer.  Her battle with the disease was a brief one, and it ended this past Monday evening.  She was 57 years old.

She described herself as a "professional volunteer", and in addition to the Caring Place, she will be missed by her parish, her local library, and many other organizations where she gave so much of herself.

She was a very special person, and I wish that all of you out here could have known her.

Rest in Peace, PLN.

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