Monday, October 5, 2015

The Pirates Regular Season Ends

Back on April 3, I wrote a post on The Grandstander called "How I See the 2015 Pirates".  It consisted of 17 points concerning things I DO WORRY and I DO NOT WORRY about the Pirates as the season began.  You can go look it up if you care to do so, but on balance I think I did pretty well.  For example, I stated that I DO NOT WORRY about the top of the rotation, and "that Gerrit Cole is poised to become an elite pitcher in the National League."  

I believe I had that one.

I also said that 

"I DO NOT WORRY about Pedro Alvarez.  I believe that he will adapt well to his new position at first base, and I believe that he will hit between 28 and 36 HR's this year, and if he can somehow manage to hit in the neighborhood of .255 to .260, he will drive in 110 runs, give or take a half dozen."

Oh, well, you can't win 'em all.

As to the bottom line, I had this to say:

"I say that this all adds up to seeing this guy (the Jolly Roger) fly 91 times this season, and, what the hell, an NL Central Division Championship, edging out the always strong St. Louis Cardinals."

Wrong on both counts.  The Pirates did not edge out the Cardinals, which was not good, but they did win 98, not 91, games, which was fantastic.

Changes lie ahead for the Pirates following the post-season, and there will be plenty of time to ruminate on that when the time comes.  What is important to remember now, I think, is what an absolutely terrific season the Pirates gave us in 2015.  I said to my companions, Dan Bonk and Len Martin at the season finale yesterday, that I honestly believe that this 2015 team was one of the very best and most exciting Pirates teams that I have seen in my now fifty-seven seasons of following the team, and that includes three World Series winning years.  I truly mean that.

Regardless of whether the post season lasts one game or twenty games for the Bucs, this one was an absolute blast!

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