Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Discovering (and Supporting) a New Artist

At this time I would like to introduce you to Sean Millroy and Itanza Saraz, who perform together under the name Sle (pronounced "slay"; the letter e has one of those ' over it, but I cannot make my keyboard do that).  Sean is the son of Kathy Millroy, a friend and fellow volunteer at the Highmark Caring Place.  Sean is a graduate of Seneca Valley High School and Belmont University in Tennessee.

Sle has just released an EP collection of songs called "Autumn Cadence" that I believe is worth your effort to hear.  The five songs in the collection were co-written by Sean and Ms. Saraz.  Itanza does the vocals on the songs, and Sean played the guitar and other instruments.  The songs are a kind of blend of blues and jazz, and make very nice listening.

You can listen to Autumn Cadence by clicking on the following link:

You can support Sle and download Autumn Cadence into you own personal music library by accessing this link:

The site allows you to make a contribution to Sle in any amount that you wish.  Think of it as virtual tip jar.

I met Sean one night last week, and I learned a bit about how the music business operates in the 21st century.   No more do up and coming artists seek the means to make a record and have a label produce and market an album for them, and yes, I still use such arcane terms as "record" and "album".  In this case, Sean and Itanza were able to produce and record their songs and release them as MP3 files via the Internet.

As a friend of  mine often says, someone is join got be the next great doctor or the next great judge or the next great film director or the next great singer/songwriter. Someone is going to do those things, and who is to say that next great singing duo won't be Sle?  I would urge you to click on the above links and listen to the music, and then consider offering your support to them.  

Who knows, ten or fifteen years from now, you may see Sean and Itanza collecting a Grammy Award on television, and you will be able to say that you were there on the ground floor when they were just starting out.

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