Friday, November 6, 2015

Movie Review: "SPECTRE" (contains no spoilers)

Yep, we were there for the first showing on opening day for "SPECTRE", the 24th James Bond movie, and Daniel Craig's fourth go-round as the world's most famous double-naught spy.  It is great to be retired!  And, as one of the characters says in the movie, "It's good to have you back Double-O Seven."  Indeed.

You want to know what the movie is about? Well, I am not sure that I could tell you, but, after all, are comprehensible plot lines what you really go to James Bond movies to see?  Well, I suppose that one plot point could be the danger of a world of computer and digital networks more terrifying than anything that George Orwell ever imagined, but, C'MON MAN, that is not, as I said, why we go to see Bond, James Bond.  You just have to go to this movie, sit back and let it flow over you.  You will see some amazing location shots: Mexico City, the Austrian mountains, the Tunisian dessert, Rome, and, of course, London. You will see amazing chase sequences, four by my count, five by the count of Mrs. Grandstander, depends on how you define "chase", I guess, lots of explosions, and the requisite number of pretty women.  

The Bond villain is played with great evil gusto by two time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, and the "Bond girl" is thirty year old French actress Lea Seydoux, who has just the slightest gap between her two front teeth that I found to be quite attractive and sexy, but that's just me.

It is non-stop action, and a whole lot of fun, and if you wait until the very end of the interminable credits, which I did because I wanted to see this, you will see that standard tag line....JAMES BOND WILL RETURN.  From what I have read, though, SPECTRE may have been Craig's last turn as Bond.  If that is to be the case, I think that most will agree that he has played the role well, but as Mrs Grandstander said when we left the theater, "He's no Sean Connery."

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