Thursday, December 17, 2015

B.E. Taylor and Christmas in the City

This past Tuesday, Marilyn and I were served up a heaping helping of Christmas Spirit when we attended the annual Christmas concert given by longtime local Pittsburgh favorite B.E. Taylor and his Band.  

But more on that later.

The evening began when we headed into town early and took in some seasonal sights.  First off was the Christmas Village set up in the wonderfully decorated Market Square. 

We then headed over to the ice rink at PPG Plaza...

No, we didn't strap on a pair of skates, but just enjoyed watching those who were skating.

We then went to the Wintergarden area of PPG Place to see their tremendous display of "Santas from Around the World" and hundreds of gingerbread houses made by schools from all across Western PA.

We then joined friends Dan and Susan Bonk (and thanks to Dan for providing two of the photos that appear on this posting) and Rick and Sue O'Mahoney for dinner at Sal's City Deli before heading to Heinz Hall for the concert.

As always, Heinz Hall was beautifully decorated.  Don't know who that guy is in the first picture, but I hope that his family got as nice a picture of him as I did!

As for the Taylor Show itself, what can I say?  It was fabulous.  The B.E.Taylor Christmas Show is a holiday staple here in Pittsburgh, but this is the first time that we had seen it.  Two-and-a-quarter hours of Christmas music, most of it spiritual, traditional, religious Christmas Carols, but done with a most untraditional, yet still respectful, rock-and-roll twist.  Absolutely tremendous show, really unlike anything we had ever seen.  We both said that we couldn't think of anything that could have done more to put us in the Christmas Spirit.

What a great night!

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  1. I also feel this Christmas Spirit when walking down the city center. Each year it becomes more and more perceptible. Wish you all the best for your Christmas Holidays!