Monday, December 28, 2015

Football Follies

Well, there is not much to be said about that steaming road apple that the Steelers left on the turf at Whatever the Name of the Stadium in Baltimore Is.  Wow, what a mess.  The Hated Ravens surely stink this year, but they can take great satisfaction, I'm sure, in the knowledge that their TWO wins over the Steelers surely knocked their arch-rival out of the NFL Playoff picture for 2015.  This game continued a disturbing trend of the Steelers over the last few seasons of losing to teams that, record-wise, at least, are clearly inferior to them.

And while the Yinzers of Steelers Nation are screaming for Mike Tomlin's head because of his decision to eschew a field goal attempt early in the first quarter, my ire is more towards the officials and the NFL Rule Book that decreed that Antonio Brown's second quarter touchdown catch was, somehow, NOT a catch.  Mike Carey and the NFL punjabs can blather all they want about "control' of a ball, but it is all so much boosh-wa.  Brown's feet came down in bounds and he CAUGHT THE BALL!!!

However, regardless of Tomlin's decision, and the officials' ruling on Brown's catch, I doubt that either would have made a difference what with the way the Steelers played on both sides of the ball yesterday.

The Steelers can still make the playoffs, but they can't do it alone.  They will need help form other teams to do so, and that have only themselves to blame.


On a brighter note, I look forward to watching Pitt take on Navy later this afternoon in the Military Bowl.  Navy is a ranked team, and a Pitt win victory today would put a nice cherry on top of what by almost any measure has been a successful first season for Head Coach Pat Narduzzi's Panthers.

Fingers crossed, and Let's Go Pitt!!!

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