Monday, March 21, 2016

Here Come the Blue Bloods.....

Victories by schools like Middle Tennessee State, Stephen F. Austin, Hawaii (or is it Hawai'i; can someone explain that apostrophe to me?), and Arkansas-Little Rock sure are thrilling and fun on Days One and Two of the NCAA Tournament, but when all is said and done after Round Two, it is surely the Big Boys of college basketball who head to the Sweet 16.  After yesterday's games were over, we are left with all four #1 seeds, two each of Seeds #2, #3, #4, and #5, plus a #6, a #7, and a #10, and an #11, and that ten and eleven happen to be Syracuse and Gonzaga, two programs that can hardly be classified as Cinderellas.

This tournament is one of the most fun events on the sports calendar, but the fun ends after Round One, because when the dust settles, when things get down to business, you're most likely always going to see Duke, North Carolina, Kansas or other schools of that ilk playing for all the marbles.

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