Sunday, March 6, 2016

A New "And Then There Were None" Movie

Several years ago, I we rote in this space about me rereading the classic Agatha Christie mystery novel, "And Then There Were None". In case you forgot, here it is:

Well, the news is that this past week, I have just re-read this book AGAIN.  Why did I do this?  In part, I did so because it is just a terrific and fun book to read, but more to the point, I read it in anticipation of the upcoming presentation of yet another movie version of this classic story.

This production was done as a TV mini-series in Great Britain last December, and it will air on American television in two parts on March 13-14 on the Lifetime Network.  This version features a lot of British actors, the only one with whom I am familiar is Sam Neill.

There have been at least four feature film versions of this story, the best being director Rene Clair's 1945 version that starred Barry Fitzgerald and Walter Huston.  A mid-sixties version that starred Hugh O'Brien and Shirley Eaton was pretty good.  Two other versions produced after that were so critically savaged, that they are almost impossible to find and watch.  I've never seen them. 

So I am very anxious to watch this new production.  Without giving things away to those who have either read the book, watched a movie version, or both, knows that the ending of the movies (there is also a stage play version) differs from the end of the book.  I am hoping that this version does what the book does.

Plus, with the ending of "Downton Abbey" tonight, we need to see another highly polished (we hope) British television production.

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