Monday, June 13, 2016

A Genius In Our Midst - Broadway/Tony Awards Division

Amidst the Stanley Cup euphoria last night - in Pittsburgh anyway - the Tony Awards honoring excellence in the Broadway Theater were presented last night.  You will recall that six days ago, I called upon The Grandstander's Official Broadway Correspondent Bill Montrose for his annual predictions for this year's awards, and to save you from scrolling back through the Blog, here they are:

Bill made predictions in then categories, and I am stunned, although perhaps I shouldn't be, to report that Bill HIT ON ALL TEN OF HIS PREDICTIONS!!!!  It was perfect 10-for-10 night for him.  This included his "Upset Special" pick of Leslie Odom, Jr. for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical.  Mr. Odom portrayed Aaron Burr in "Hamilton", and defeated the heavily favored Lin Manuel Miranda who played the title role in this game-changing musical.  Don't feel bad for Mr. Miranda, however.  As the writer/lyricist/creator of this show, he took home a bundle of Tonys for himself as well.  The main point, though, is Bill's absolutely perfect score on his predictions.  Utterly amazing, and this was one occasion where your should NOT have followed my usual "watch, but don't bet" advice.

As for myself, I was switching to the Tony Awards show between periods of the hockey game, and I found the show to be captivating and totally entertaining.  It is currently residing on my DVR, and I look forward to watching the show in it's entirety in the days ahead, including the performance from "Hamilton".

So, I close with another hearty CONGRATULATIONS to old friend Bill Montrose with a picture of him and his lovely wife Joanne showing off one of their many Broadway souvenirs.

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