Wednesday, June 29, 2016

To Absent Friends - Pat Summitt

All the sports world knows by now of the death of Pat Summitt, a victim if Alzheimer's Disease at the way too young age of 64. We all know the story...perhaps the greatest women's basketball coach of all time, winner if eight national championships and over 1,000 games at the University of Tennessee, forced to resign in 2011 due to early onset dementia in 2011.  Her battle finally came to an end on Monday.

Perhaps the best tribute and description of her impact and her legacy can be found by reading the the quotes in this morning's Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh's three Division I women's head coaches, Susie McConnell-Serio, Dan Burt, and Sal Buscaglia.   I certainly cannot say it better than they.

RIP Coach Pat Summitt.

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