Monday, August 8, 2016

Movie Review - "Jason Bourne"

We took in the new Jason Bourne movie that is titled, appropriately enough, "Jason Bourne".  When you go see this one, take a deep breath before the movie starts, because this is one non-stop, kick-ass, action movie folks.  The action never, and I mean, never stops.  Lots of shootings, bare knuckle fights, explosions, and car crashes.  Lots and lots of car crashes.  Lots of scenes of feet hitting brake pedals and gas pedals.  Director Paul Greengrass delivers it all!  And as for scenery, I lost track halfway through of how many cities we saw in this one....Reyjavik, Athens, Rome, London, Washington, Las Vegas, and I am sure that I have forgotten a few.

As for the plot, forget about it.  There are more McGuffins in this one that Hitchcock could have ever shaken a stick at, so don't even try, just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Matt Damon, fresh back from Mars, reprises the role of Jason Bourne and let me tell you, Damon's Bourne makes James Bond, as played by anyone, look like a complete and total namby-pamby.  This has got to be one of the toughest guys ever put on a movie screen.

A craggy faced Tommy Lee Jones plays the CIA Director.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

An attractive Alicia Vikander played a Deputy CIA Director.  Is she a good guy or a bad guy?

Both Jones and Vikander are Academy Award winners, and both chew on a bit of scenery as this movie plays out, but what the hell, this movie isn't supposed to be great art, it's supposed to be exciting and fun, and it surely does deliver on both counts.  And, yes, it ends  with a perfect set up for the NEXT Jason Bourne movie.

Three stars from The Grandstander for "Jason Bourne".

As an aside, the Cinemark Theaters has a new public service announcement that they play before the movies asking that all in the audience turn off their cell phones.  It is delivered by Director Oliver Stone, and it's hilarious.

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