Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Huey Lewis and the News

Huey Lewis and The News
Still going strong!

I was happy to see a few months ago that Huey Lewis and The News would be appearing at the Palace Theater in Greensburg on July 18.  It was the perfect opportunity for us to meet up with old friends Ron and Darrylin Loshelder, 

catch up over a nice pre-show dinner, and enjoy a great rock and roll band.  (Ron, by the way, is a local rock and roll legend himself, but that is a story for another day.)

(Sorry for the crummy quality of the pictures, but I forgot to bring my good camera, and had to rely in my less than optimal android phone.)

Huey Lewis and the News were formed in 1979 and have been recording and performing ever since.  Lewis is now 67 years old, looks great and sounds as great as ever.  Loved that he's out there performing in glasses!  This is the third time that I have seen Lewis and the News perform (Civic Arena, Star Lake Amphitheater), but it had been many years, and I'm glad to say that I wasn't disappointed.  Great line form Lewis early in the show:  "Hey, enough of all the old hits, I know that what you all really want to hear is new stuff."  He did do a few new songs, and they were pretty good, but the crowd wanted to hear the hits, and Lewis and the band did not disappoint.

This was our first time at the Palace Theater, and it's a really nice venue.  It's a long trip from McCandless to Greensburg, but if it's an act that you want to see - and the Palace gets a lot of good acts - it can be well worth it.

Oh, I did say that Lewis "did not disappoint", but that is not entirely true.  I was really hoping to hear them do "It's Alright" during the acapella portion of the show, but, alas, they did not.  So, thank God for YouTube.  Enjoy....

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