Friday, July 28, 2017

Talk About Pretentious.....

In this morning's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, someone named Amelia Nierenberg reviews the new movie "Atomic Blonde", and the review actually contained this sentence:

"The careless plot bruises the film, otherwise rife with jagged brio, electric visuals, and a steamy, gnarled nest of vipers."

I have no idea as to Ms. Nierenberg's background, but I am picturing a young woman fresh out of journalism school who is itching to show how smart and sophisticated she is.  Instead she produces this claptrap.  A plot that bruises the film?  That is rife with jagged brio?

I have no inclination to do the research, but I am willing to bet that Harold V. Cohen, George Anderson, and Barbara Vancheri never resorted to such pseudo-intellectual b.s. in reviewing movies for the PG over the years.  I hope that the PG doesn't make her the permanent movie critic so that we don't have to read this kind of junk in the years ahead.  I mean.....

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  1. Reads like the old thesaurus got a real going over!