Tuesday, August 1, 2017

From the "Nothing Is Easy Department"

Last week, Marilyn and I made the decision to upgrade our Motorola Android smart phones to Apple iPhones.  We knew from past experiences that making this transition would, at the very least, cause us to waste at least a couple of hours on the telephone with our carrier, Consumer Cellular.

We received our phones on Saturday, and here is what has transpired since then.....

  • Five separate phone calls to Consumer Cellular.
  • Two separate visits to the Apple store.
  • One visit to Target, where a gent named Paul, at the McKnight Road store, FINALLY was able to rectify the problems that were occurring on Marilyn's new phone, and this was only after he, Paul from Target, made an additional call to Consumer Cellular.
To be fair, the switchover from Android to iPhone went very smoothly for my phone, but there were a number of problems with Marilyn's new phone, and I won't bore you by enumerating them.  However, all seems right with the world now, thanks to Paul from Target.

Progress.  Sometimes it ain't easy.

Marilyn's new phone.  
I went for the "Space Gray" color phone.

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