Friday, January 6, 2017

Movie Review - "La La Land"

There sure is a lot to like about the movie "La La Land", which we saw this afternoon.  Among them...

  • Great performances and chemistry between stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (who just may be the cutest woman in the movies today)
  • Terrifically staged song and dance numbers, including one on a Los Angeles freeway and another at the Griffith Observatory
  • A great girl-meets-boy motif
  • Some really good music
  • A story about living and fulfilling your dreams
  • Did I mention just how gosh darn cute Emma Stone is?
This movie is making everybody's Ten Best list and many are calling it the best movie of the year.  We went prepared to absolutely love it, and we were loving it....until the end.

Oh, it was yet another terrifically staged number to end the movie, but the actual ending of the story itself left both of us disappointed.  I won't spell it out and spoil it for  those who haven't seen it, and I do recommend that you do see it, but if anyone wants to explain their thoughts on the ending, I am more than happy to listen.

Two and one-half stars from The Grandstander.  (A different ending might have gotten this one three and one-half or even four stars.)

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