Thursday, February 21, 2013

"1776" and a Burger to Remember

A busy bitter cold afternoon for Marilyn and me.

First, a visit to the terrific O'Reilly Theater for a matinee performance of the tony Award winning musical play, "1776".  This was the first time we had seen this play, and it was really, really good.  The title tells you what it's all about, of course, and the Pittsburgh Public Theater's production was first rate.  A wonderful theater going experience.

We topped off the day by having dinner at SoHo (home of the MOASP Draft and the SABR Hot Stove Nights!) right across from PNC Park.  This was my second visit to SoHo in three days, and I decided to make this visit a part of the Great Hamburger Quest of 2013.  I ordered a Mushroom-Swiss Burger and was not disappointed.  In fact, So Ho has reached Top Three status in the rankings:

The Rankings:
  1. Tessaro's (Bloomfield)
  2. The Rochester Inn Hardwood Grill (Ross)
  3. SoHo Restaurant (North Shore)
  4. Bella Ria's (West View)
  5. The Tilted Kilt (North Shore)
  • BZ Bar and Grill (North Shore)
  • Sunny Jim's (Emsworth)
Marilyn had a tuna melt and raved about it, and combining this with the excellent chicken parm dinner I had at the MOASP Draft on Tuesday, well, I would say that SoHo becomes a highly recommended place to dine.  We have also enjoyed many quick meals there before Pirates games over the years.

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