Sunday, February 24, 2013

Will The Oscars Get It Right Tonight?

Will the Motion Picture Academy choose a great movie like "Argo" or "Lincoln" tonight, or will they come out of left field with something like "Amour"?  In other words, will the "right" movie win the Best Picture Oscar this year.  It doesn't always happen.

To prove my point, I thought I'd pull out one decade at random, and I chose the 1990's.  Recent enough to remember, but enough time has passed to give us some perspective.  I say that in only once of those ten years, maybe twice, did the Academy get it right.

Agree or disagree?  (Each of the "better movies" below was also nominated for Best Picture that year.)

1990: Driving Miss Daisy.  Better movie:  Field of Dreams
1991: Dances With Wolves. Better movie: Good Fellas
1992: Silence of the Lambs.  Better movie:  None. The Academy got it right this year.
1993: Unforgiven.  Better movie: A Few Good Men.
1994: Schindler's List.  Better movie: Maybe, possibly, The Fugitive, but hard to argue against Schindler's List.
1995: Forest Gump. Better movie(s): Quiz Show, Shawshank Redemption
1996: Braveheart. Better movie: Apollo 13
1997: The English Patient. Better movie: Fargo
1998: Titanic.  Better movie: None, in my opinion, but L.A. confidential was pretty good.
1999: Shakespeare in Love. Better movie: Saving Private Ryan.

What do you think?  Enjoy the Oscars tonight, and hope that the Academy gets it right!

This was fun.  Think I will check out some other decades for future posts.

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