Monday, March 18, 2013

More B.S. from GM Neal

The decision of the Pirates to send Gerrit Cole to the minors today was expected, and it is causing all sorts of chatter in the social media world.  I won't get into the debate as to the wisdom of not keeping one of your 10 best pitchers in order to push back his "arbitration/free agency" clock.  That's been beaten to death.  

Instead, I would rather focus on this quote from the GM Neal:

"Everybody's going to speculate why he's being sent out, and they're wrong. He's being sent out because, in our minds, he's not ready to compete and be successful at the major league level."

What frosts me about this particular bit of b.s. from Neal is that it is a complete and bold faced lie, and, as such, is yet another insult to the intelligence of the Pirates' fans.  I guess this is just another example of how smart baseball people agree with what the NHR does, if the dumb-shit Pirates fans just don't get it.

Be honest with us, Neal.  Just tell us the REAL reason Cole is going to start the season in Indianapolis.

A Pirate Chat member mentioned today that no one - politician, corporate leader, sports GM - is ever totally honest with the people, and he cited Bill Belichick as an example.  When Neal Huntington achieves the same level of success as has Bill Belichick, I will start to drink his Kool-Aid, but until then, I think I'll just remain insulted. 

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