Saturday, March 16, 2013

Welcome, William Warfield Davis

The line of progeny started by my parents, Frank and Ruth Sproule, back in 1939 was extended by one more a little after 8:00 AM today with the birth of William Warfield Davis.  The birth took place in New York City, and both Mom and baby are doing fine!

Will, as I believe he is to be known going forward, is the first child of my niece Katie and her husband Micky.  That, of course is Katie holding the young man shortly after his arrival.  He is my brother Jim and his wife Nancy's first grandchild.  By my quick count, Will is my parents fifteenth great-grandchild, and he is great-nephew/niece number twenty-three for Marilyn and me.

The name "Will Davis" certainly has a great sound to it, and I can see him as a fleet-footed corner outfielder someday, surely a high draft pick for the Pirates in the 2034 amateur draft.  

Welcome aboard, Will.  We can't wait to meet you.

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